Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is Canada serious in its committment to reduce carbon emissions?

          Transparency in both public and private life means doing what you say you are going to do - doesn't it? "Keeping your word". "A man is as good as his word". In French a person who doesn't keep his word is held up to scorn: "il dit n'importe quoi!" / literally "he says anything" is a big put down. In English we quip, "you can tell when they're lying: their mouths move".

            Is that part of the reason young people in this country are so cynical about politics? They know that our "leaders" can't be trusted, that - in effect - they are not worthy to be leaders: what are leaders good for if they can't be trusted to embody the will and best interest of the people who honor them with the title "leader"??

            A particulary egregious example of the lack of transparency of the Harper government is revealed by a recent Pembina Institute report on Canada's performance in meeting international committments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

            We have the feeling that the Haper government serves the interest of the Oil Patch on environmental and energy policy. They do give consent to international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but only under extreme pressure from home and abroad. They drag their heels. But since they are beholden to the Patch, their "committment" is phony and belied by their (non-)action in meeting targets. They say one thing, do another. Untransparent..

              As a nation, as a people, don't we deserve better?

              And, given the risks to international peace and well being (far greater than that posed by jihadist terrorism for sure!), as part of the human race, should not we demand more from our "leaders"..