Thursday, July 29, 2010 

The slow, even unconscious, erosion of democracy in Canada? 

Before you blow the thought away, read the article first..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

FEDERAL TRANSPARENCY: the record of the Harper government on the Alberta Oil Sands

Their cynicism and contempt for the public is unbelievable.

More unbelievable still: WHY exactly does the public tolerate this
crap on the part of those paid to be "public servants"?

"Just two weeks ago the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable
Development abruptly cancelled a big report on the tar sands and the
project's extreme water impacts. The parliamentarians even destroyed draft
copies of their final report."..


Please.. please.. take a moment to reflect upon that phrase

And these neocon wanabes were elected on a platform of "transparency" and "responsible government", eh? Is that it..

This is what those who believe in a just society or "redistributive justice" are REALLY up against. This is the TRUE FACE of the Beast: think about long term health and envrionmental impacts in the affected water basins, think about the long term geopolitical impacts of Global Warming on arid countries undergoing accelerating desertification..

Allen Ginsberg: "Howl". See part II, "Moloch":

What to do?

Can this scandal be used as a "wedge issue" to - eventually - force a wider debate on the issues of responsible governance and national goals? (This period may prove to be a "tipping point", given the state of the global economy, ecology and climate..)

My suggestions:

- bitch to your MP
- get your friends to bitch to their MPs
- ask your friends to get their friends to bitch..
- write letters, articles and op-ed pieces for local newspapers, church or professional group bulletins, get on community radio..

Is anyone interested? We have more impact if we co-ordinate our efforts..