Friday, April 1, 2011

PM Steven Harper goes green

         Steven Harper seems to have caught the green bug. Electioneering makes for strange - really strange - bedfellows, it seems.

"Speaking at an event in Halifax on Thursday, Harper said developing hydroelectric power generation in Newfoundland and Labrador would help promote green energy across the East Coast.
"This has the potential to be a very important part of our efforts to fight climate change in Canada," Harper told supporters."

          But Thursday, March 31, that was April Fool's eve..

          He had us! Il nous a eu!

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  1. Interesting. I posted a link to this blog to various left of center or green FB friends. Potentially 4000 people saw it. There is also a federal election going on. Yet nobody commented on the blog site, no new followers joined. The apathy, especially of the young, is incredible. (Admittedly, the apathy is justified: our politicians do not address real issues: environment, green energy..)