Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So this is governmental Transparency, eh?

            Lest we forget, Steven Harper was elected on promises of "responsible government, Law 'n Order, and transparency". And what do we get? An unenviable record of electoral dirty tricks that would even neo-conservative tactician Karl Rove would be proud of.

             During the last election, people in contested ridings received automated phone messages ("robocalls") purporting to originate with Elections Canada. Victims were told that their voting stations had been changed and were directed to new (non-existant) locales. Impersonating officials of Elections Canada to prevent voters from exercising their right is, of course, illegal. 

            We suspect that neocons stoop to the level of negative ad bashing because they have nothing to put on the table: no program, no ideas, no vision. Just maintaining the dying, suicidal status quo on life support for a few more years at which time the boomers will all be dead in our graves. A sad commentary on a generation - who were given so much! - and our times..
             To conceal the intellectual vacuity of their positions on pressing issues like climate change, alternative energy, environment, rising disparity in income.. reactionaries turn - instinctively it seems - to the ad hominen / personal attack, to the victimization of scapegoats or to delusional national projects (historically, imperial wars were often used to this end). 
            Given that no less than 34 counties and some 79 individuals have come forward to date with complaints, one suspects that this issue is not going to go away very soon. We may be dealing with a breaking Watergate type scandal.
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