Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Court slaps down Turp's Kyoto withdrawal protest

               Last year Québec law professor Daniel Turp took the feds to federal court over Canada's decision to withdraw from the Kyoto Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Accords. The court's decision has just come down. The government was acting within its legally defined range of powers when it withdrew from the Accord.

                   Observation: notice how The Whig slants the article by insisting on repeatedly labelling Prof Turp as a "separatist". The dude is indeed a separatist - he wants Québec to become an independent nation. But that has nothing to do with his action in court against the feds' decision to withdraw from the Kyoto Accord. Many Canadians who are anti-seprartist are against the Harper governement's decision on Kyoto. One suspects that disparaging Turp is a means of disparaging his environmental stance (or am I being paranoid..) The reader poll at the end of the article is interesting. To the question, "should this be the end of Canada's involvement with Kyoto?" 79% (admittedly only 11 votes..) agreed with the response "Yes, it's dead". This is probably the response the Haperites were counting on.

                 However, regarding issues of governmental transparency, honesty and all that, it turns out that PM Steven Harper has it right this time. We'll leave him with the last word:

" "What made absolutely no sense for this country was a Liberal government that signed the Kyoto protocols, signed what I quite frankly think were stupid targets and then had no plan after 10 years in office to even implement those," he said at the time."

                    We concur! For once we concur with Stephan Harper. Will wonders ever cease - the End of World must be near. In effect, the bloody Liberals signed the accord - reflecting, we believe, the will of the Canadian people at the time - and then sat on their hands for 10 years while emissions just rose and rose and rose. And Scandinavian countries began to get a handle on things..

                    Not only is such behavior on the part of public servants non-transparent, morally dishonest and politically irresponsible, it should - in a sane world - be considered a criminal, indictable offense. The conservatives at least had the cojones to admit their opposition to Kyoto from the start; the bleedin' libs stabbed us in the back. And now the jerks moan over the "apathy" and political "cynicism" of the young. Give us a break, joiks! 

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