Thursday, August 14, 2014

breaking news: robots inculpated in Federal election scam

               Remember the robots who called Liberal party members during the last Federal election and misdirected them to non-existent voting stations? Well, we were beginning to think it had dropped off the radar screen and into a black hole. But if the wheels of Canadian justice turn (too) slowly, they at least still turn..

               Conservative party staffer, Michael Sona, shown above with PM Steven Harper, was, as they say, hung out to dry by the party. A mere whelp of 22, he was  obviously the man to throw under the bus, letting the true instigators run free. My hope: that justice will be done and the court begins tracing back the chain of command to, if not the instigators - that WOULD be asking too much! - at least to their first lieutenants. Ah but we dream, we dream..

              Mr Sona, now aged 25 and looking definitely more mature, faces charges of interfering with the right to vote and a maximum of 5 years in prison (rather unlikely).

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