Tuesday, January 20, 2015

       I would like to wish all our readers a wonderful New Year 2015. I also want to thank you for taking the time to read our poor lines - much appreciated! I just looked at our stats and, even though I took a month off, I was surprised (amazed actually) to find that we still managed over 650 pageview during the last 30 days. Nudge, nudge: we could probably do a better job if you let us have feedback about what we get right and what we don't..

       Update: we have some interesting things to post this month! Firstly, a review of Reza Aslan's life and times of Christ, Zealot (2013), a book whose themes have been thrown into stark relief with the recent massacre in Paris at the office of the caricature magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

        We are also planning to do a review of Canadian journalist Graeme Smith's The dogs are eating them now (2013), a first hand report and analysis of Canada's war in Afghanistan. This war followed the Sep 11, 2001 terrorist attact on the World Trade Center in New York city. Now is the time for an objective overview and a progress report. Did we get our money's worth? I've heard Smith speak, this should be a good one..

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