Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How stupid can you get, I mean, really, how S-T-U-P-I-D..

       In a move of stunning self-serving venality, the *&%?@+%!$& Harper government cut funding to a volunteer based program to re-integrate sex offenders into the community. Although Harperites like to preen themselves on their hairy chested individualism, this program, assisted citizen volunteers to leave a positive mark on society. (I guess it was the social - as opposed to personal wealth - aspect that bugged the Harperites so much.) 

        The program, Circles of Support and Accountability, was recognized for its value around the world. Not only was it exceedingly effective in reducing sex offender recidivism, it actually saved lots of money: incarcerating criminals is expensive and then there are the economic losses and health costs resulting from trauma to the victims and their families.
         Instead of accepting the results of a study which concluded the innovative and successful program was highly effective, Harper choose to take the low - the very low - road and toot his little horn of "Law and Order", playing the populist trump card for all it's worth. Don't forget we've got an election coming up.

What craven "@¦¬¾%¤¤£¢¢!     


           Some days, folks, it is really, really hard not to detest..

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