Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Samhain 2016, the Dark approaches

        I sense a historical cycle completing itself. History's lesson is clear. An end is always the start of something new. We are the ripe fruit falling in the cold autumn night. Winter approaches, the Hard Days ahead.

        It is good to be able to accept imminent mass human die-off, but harrowing. Either way, accept or deny, you're damned!

        Damned if you deny for then you live a lie.

        Damned if you accept because it hurts! The Humanist Within is humiliated, frightened, dumbfounded, enraged.. Acceptance of imminent mass human die-off is also politically incorrect, to the highest degree, on the Left as on the Right.

         Acceptance of mass die-off brings Liberation, the heavy burden slipped off the tiring shoulders, worn out through years or decades of denial. 

          Acceptance brings the Power to move on, to serve and bless life without the burden of delusion and the false action it breeds. The most wicked deeds are usually done by wo/men who think they are doing good. The Romans said, "the highway to hell is paved with good intentions": Via ad Infernum consiliis bonis delapidatur.

          People today, on the whole, will not, cannot love and respect the earth and its life. If they could, our houses of government, our parliaments and senates, would be full of green parties, fighting like dogs to green human society and the earth, each promoting with vigor their way. Instead, the Silence, the Indifference is deafening..

           Since people cannot love and respect earth, by the Law of Karma (Causality), they will suffer, for they are part of the nature they destroy. Fools, they are mad..

          Perhaps we, humanity, will become wise through our pain: no pain, no gain!

          Is it possible to learn to use SciTech wisely? Or are our minds indelibly formed by the Darwinian crucible which forged them?

           Or will the tribal circle close again, more largely this time, to embrace the whole earth and the whole of humanity? Anything is possible in a Time of Transition..

            Charles Mann in his popular 1491 (Vintage Books, 2006) found possible sources of Enlightenment thinking on liberty, freedom and human rights in the New World cultures recently discovered by European colonizers:

 "Mann asserts that personal freedom has its roots in Native American culture.  Everything about Native American culture embraced personal freedom.  This can be seen in its insistence on parliamentary procedure, the advancement of women's rights as means of increasing discourse (The Five Nations were governed by women as well as the Great Law explicitly ordered council members to heed “the warnings of your women relatives), as well as the premise of the rights of the individual.. Important historically, these were the free people encountered by France and Britain—personifications of democratic self-government so vivid that some historians and activists have argued that the Great Law of Peace directly inspired the U.S. Constitution."

            By definition, the publics of democracies are king. We must either accept this proposition or reject it. There is no middle ground. To say, in excuse, that the publics of democracies have been duped by the greedy and the mad is both true and false.

            True: witness the deafening silence (at worst) or the hollow lip service given environmental issues in our parliaments. 

            False, for if we truly accept that in Democracy, the People are King, then it follows that the publics of contemporary democracies have let themselves by duped by the false prophets of Market Economics. Either the King is King or he is not. And if the People are indeed king, then we must accept personal responsibility for we, each one of us, are the People..

            In Times of Transition like these, many will find it easier to shirk the personal responsibility that citizenship imposes and look for Salvation in the Strong Man. As Neitzsche observed, wo/man is a herd animal. (But is that all we are..??)


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