Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Harper's anti-keynesean cuts CREATE JOBS

"Mr. Corbett, whose union represents more than 57,000 professionals and scientists in the public service, is warning Ottawa against cutting staff in the safety and security fields, such as food inspectors, scientists and financial auditors."

From the Globe and Mail: 

            Mr. Corbett being a union rep - and thus a Lefty - does not really get the Big Pic. He, undoubtedly believes that in times of recession governments should increase spending on infrastructure and services in an attempt to create jobs, stimulate the economy and build infrastructure for future development. He does not see that Steven Harper's anti-Keynesean federal government budget cuts should actually CREATE JOBS in the long run. Here's why.

            How can cutting the number of, say, federal slaughter house inspectors increase jobs, you say? Let's walk through the economic logic step by step..

            What will the effects of such cuts be, in statistical, epidemiological, terms?

            Well, for starters, more food borne diseases like listeriosis and salmonella. Which will, of course, through the famous "Multiplier Effect", spread economic activity throughout the economy. Think of the employment created for 9-11 call centers, ambulance drivers, hospital emergency room doctors, nurses, gastroenteric specialists, lab technicians, funeral home employees, morgue attendants, grave diggers and embalmers. What do you say to THAT, Mr. Corbett? Are Harper's cuts really job killers or job creators? Time for a moment of reflection here, Mr. Corbett. Learn to step back and see the Big Pic. Learn what the REALLY important priorities are in a Free Market Economy..

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