Monday, June 2, 2014

A little truth, a little candle..

      In case you didn't know it, Climate Change (CC) and Global Warming (GW) are hoaxes concocted by evil Lefties to take control of the world and impose a World Government of Slavery.

"There is no Global Warming Crisis

My reason for writing this article is not that I have any hidden agenda, but that I have an intense dislike of being manipulated, lied to, and treated like a fool.
The whole “human caused global warming” idea is a fraud, and we are all the unwitting pawns in a chess game for which the prize is the control of the planet under the New World Order, and the World Government, something the Bilderberg Group have been steadfastly and furtively working towards for over 50 years. This world government will be appointed, not elected, can not be removed from office and will not be held accountable to anyone, but will be controlled from behind the scenes by the power elite. This is absolute power, and as we know absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The “human caused global warming crisis” with its associated carbon credit offsets trading is just a big, unscrupulous, fraudulent business. Worse still, on the back of this artificially created global crisis, this hoax, the people and governments of the world are being asked to agree to massive new taxation, (which will not be paid to their own governments, but to the United Nations),  and the surrender of their national sovereignty to this new World Government. This is what the Bilderberg group want, for the UN to become the World Government, which they will control."

            Obviously, at this point we have tipped over into a paranoid delusional system. The United Nations is the (hidden) World Government in waiting, right.. And the moon is made of green cheese..

               Then, of course, there's the protocols of the Elders of Zion, an earlier paranoid delusional system, that lost some popularity in recent years due to some unfortunate publicity (World War II..)

                Nevertheless, in its heyday, the Protocols were promulgated by no less a luminary than auto-magnate, Henry Ford. He printed half a million copies and distributed them throughout the USA in the 1920s. And the Protocols still, it seems, have followers today! 

             I have been told, with great assurance, that the IPCC studies on GW / CC and their consequences have been cooked up by a conspiracy of climate scientists who plan to "make trillions" off the carbon credit trading market. Oh, those greedy climate scientists! 

            Actually, for anyone who has studied Earth Science or met earth scientists, the truth is quite different. For starters, earth scientists who really do want to make a bundle of money, do not teach in universities! They work for oil companies, where geology and paleontology provide valuable clues as to where oil or gas are likely to be found. Earth scientists who don't work for oil companies and teach at universities are definitely NOT there for the money. (Actually, if I were "following the money trail", I would trace it from oil company sponsored Right Wing think tanks - the Cato Institute, for example - and their disinformation campaigns, payed for by the oil companies, all the way back to the CEOs and the shareholders. That's the money trail I would follow if I were seriously looking for one..)

               Anyway, to set things straight. The following citation is from paleontologist Donald R. Prothero: Greenhouse of the Dinosaurs, Columbia University Press, 2009, page 244. In this concluding section of the book, Prof Prothero discusses, for the benefits of students, the potentials and risks of choosing a career in paleontology. There ain't much money and jobs are scarce. Then..


"So despite all the gloom and doom that I've spread through this epilogue, the bottom line is that if you really love paleontology and can't imagine spending your life doing anything else, then go for it. That's the way I was from the beginning, and I made it. This life has its advantages, too. The pay is not great, but you get summers and Christmas vacation off to do research if you want. With my grant funding, I'm paid to travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth and to camp, hike, and collect fossils. I choose my own research topics and work on what I want to work on, with no boss telling me what to do - that is, as long as I produce at the end. When I'm not in class, I decide what to do with my time, and most of the week I teach only part of the day. It's definitely not a nine-to-five, five-days-a-week job. Most important of all, I get the satisfaction of making new discoveries and studying fascinating fossils and geologic problems. My research and my publications are my permanent legacy to generations of paleontologists who will come after me. Our field routinely works with scientific papers and books written, and specimens found, more than a century ago, so that's a kind of immortality that few other jobs can claim.

Yes, becoming a paleontologist is a difficult task with long odds, but if you love fossils the way I do, the rewards are worth it."

          We're a long way from the golden handshakes of oil company and financial institute CEOs who have screwed up and get paid millions for their errors!! This is a man whose passion is knowledge and the thrill of the chase..

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