Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the moment of creation

The moment of creation (full moon, early may, 2015, Montréal)      

I come to ground zero, the quantum void.
An old intuition, maybe wrong           
links quantum void and mind..           
Both are spooky, and slippery, and hard to define.
Both are vacuous, birthing infinite worlds.

The mind holds all within its grasp,
yet is no thing,
and lighter than the wind.

Oh Powerful Ones! Self-proclaimed 
masters of the universe, mighty ones, 
know that we, we who have lost all,
we of the zero, of the negative tao,
we hold the power, the infinite power of the void,
the void from which sprang all that is.

Janis J understood all when she sang:
"freedom is having nothing left to lose".
Then you feel, oh, so truly free!
You have no home you say?
No attachments, no place to hang your hat?
So make the universe your home
and all its creatures, family,
for you are finally free (having nothing left to lose).
You walk the Via Negativa, the way of loss,
the path of the great unburdening.

Here one is creator, sitting in the center,
like the spider in its web, at the null point.
Here there is nothing, no-thing,
Here springs light, leaps sight
into momentary creation of form and life.
Here is all that was, as is and ever will be.
This is the moment of creation.  

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